Who we are what we do

Our goal here at united prolife is directly combat the false information and propaganda of the abortion lobby and their paid shills. The abortion lobby spends 100s of millions every year to push propaganda via various social media outlets such as Twitter aka X. They use use shills people who are paid to push lies and propaganda in order to effect state elections. As well as silence prolife users on social media by filing false reports by the 100s against prolife accounts. We combat these individuals by reporting the most vile of pro abortion shills and providing real information and combating their lies by the use of science logic and reason. 

United prolife is made up of individuals both religious and non religious. We come from all different backgrounds we welcome all who are truly prolife. We do not welcome racists anti-Semites or any of their type. Simply put you can not be both racist and prolife or anti-Semite and prolife any more than you could be a Christian-satanist or a proabortion-christian. These things are mutually exclusive!  

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